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Bulk Discharge Equipment
Oil-free screw compressor used for liquid and dry bulk transfer
Cartridge Valves
Hydraulic 2/2-way valves, or logic elements, used for directional, pressure, check, and flow control
CETOP Valves
Directional control valves: CETOP3, CETOP5, CETOP7 and CETOP8
ABAC Spinn compressor
Condition Monitoring Systems
Condition monitoring systens
Control Panels
Electric control panel designed to many industrial standards including ATEX, IECEx, NORSOK and NEC
Cylinders & Rotary Actuators
Bolted cylinders, tie-tod cylinders, welded cylinders and rotary actuators
Directional Valves
Mobile, monoblock, sectional, diverter and directional control valves with direct acting solenoids, pressure pre-compensated, load sensing and flow sharing valves
Electronic Controls
Electronic controls for easy and remote control of machinery and operations (electronic system management)
Hydraulic and suction filters, strainers, particles management and return-line filters
Fittings, Adaptors & Couplings
High and low pressure hydraulic fittings, compression fittings, ferrules, hydraulic adaptors, quick release couplings (QRC), hose couplings, ISO A, ISO B and flat face
Gear Boxes
Gear boxes
Gear Pumps
Group 1, 2, 3 and 4 gear pumps, aluminium and cast iron
Hand Pumps
Hand pumps
Hose & Assemblies
Hydraulic hose, 1 and 2 wire hose, multi-spiral and high pressure hose, assemblies, crimping and swaging, hose protection
Lubrication Systems
Lubrication system on agricultural machinery
Manifold Blocks
Computer-generated image of the interior of a manifold block
Low-speed, high-torque (LSHT) hydraulic motors, geroler, geroter, radial piston and axial piston
Piping Solutions
Piping solutions
Piston Pumps
Industrial and mobile open and closed circuit piston pumps, bean and plunger pumps
Power Units
Hydraulic power unit (HPU) for hydraulic systems
Power-take-off shafts, mechanical PTOs and transport hydraulics
Remote Control Systems
Remote control systems
Sensing & Control
Electric sensors, emergency stop buttons and wireless transmissions
Steering Units
Steering units
Testing & Instrumentation
Testing & instrumentation
Drivetrain, steering units, joysticks, gearboxes and hydrostatic transmissions
Tube & Assemblies
Fluid conveyance, tube manipulation, tube assemblies, kitting, fabricators, CNC bending, welding, brazing, ring rolling, tube forming, flushing, pressure testing and swaging
Vane pumps
Low noise vane pump