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Infographic highlighting different aspects of sustainability including environment and community

Our values of sustainability

Sustainability seeks to develop and implement the methods and behaviours that balance the consumption of resources with the impact of that consumption on the environment in an economically viable manner that also enhances the quality of life.

The Group believes this is a matter of common sense that has been embedded into the values of all our component divisions for many years. As an amalgamation of family businesses, we have been practicing the sensible values of sustainability for many years. The Group recognises that we are part of a much wider community and our key focuses in our sustainability activities are our people, customers, suppliers and investors, the environment and our local communities.

Our people

Our employees are our greatest asset and are trained to meet our requirements of efficiency and service to customers and suppliers. The Group recognises that its performance and ongoing success are directly related to the quality and effective performance of employees.

It is the policy of the Group to ensure that employees are able to improve their performance by having appropriate access to effective training, development, coaching and counselling facilities. Induction training sets the foundation for all employees and introduces the Group’s operational best and required practices, which are documented in comprehensive Standard Practice Instructions. This is followed by specific on-the-job training.

The Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This means that the Company’s established policy is to ensure that no unlawful discrimination occurs, either directly or indirectly, against any person on the grounds of colour, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origin, or age. The Company’s policy covers direct and indirect discrimination and failure to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees, victimisation and harassment.


The Group values each customer regardless of size and is committed to develop mutually beneficial relationships at local, national and international level. All divisions have a customer-centric approach and it is vitally important for to us to work closely with the customer base to understand the underlying drivers in their marketplace. Continued dialogue has enabled the Group to develop its product offering and so match these changing requirements.

The environment

The Group is mindful of the impact that its operations have on the environment and is committed to reduce its carbon footprint. Amongst the measures in place are:

  • We recycle as much ‘waste’ as possible in the form of plastic, paper, metals and cardboard
  • The Group fleet utilises the BMW Efficient Dynamics range whenever possible and encourages employees to share the benefits through a salary sacrifice scheme for personal use
  • Reducing energy use through low energy lighting and utilising motion sensitive lighting in our warehouses
  • Encouraging cycle use through local government initiatives
  • Wherever possible, orders and invoices to suppliers and customers are sent via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with a consequent reduction in the use of paper
  • Financial reports are issued to the majority of Shareholders as an interactive report on our website


The Group nurtures its relationships with its OEM suppliers whilst developing its complementary Exclusive Brands. Our commitment to supplier relationships has resulted in the Group signing a master trading agreement with the Hydraulics Group of the Eaton Corporation.

“We see considerable potential to drive further adoption of Eaton products in the UK, working closely with Group. Through our association with group, we can better serve our customers with Eaton products and solutions. This agreement enables us to offer the Eaton Winner matched hose and assembly system to the UK for the first time.”

Mark Ward, Eaton Sales Manager, UK & Ireland.


The Group receives numerous requests from charities and organisations seeking our help. Our charity contribution activity is financed through a discretionary budget approved annually by the Board and, as such, the fund is distributed between the chosen charities for the year and is enhanced through the support we also provide via the voluntary input of our colleagues and other types of donations

Employees are encouraged to participate in regular fundraising events for national charities such as dress-down days

Local football sponsorship is encouraged to support junior teams in the community and PFP management is actively involved with playing and coaching for their local team, Quarry Green FC

“The management and players of Quarry Green FC would like to thank Primary Fluid Power for all their much needed and valued support; without support from companies like Primary Fluid Power, grass roots football would find it very hard to exist.”

The management and players of Quarry Park FC.

Human rights

Our respect for human rights is implicit in our employment practices; the rights of every employee are respected and every employee is treated with dignity and consideration. Our employment practices are designed to attract, retain, motivate and train people and to respect their rights.

We do not use child labour, nor do we use forced labour. We make regular supplier visits to ensure our supply chain maintains the same standards of integrity and is free from modern slavery.

We recognise freedom of association by permitting our employees to establish and join organisations of their own choosing without our permission, and we recognise collective bargaining where required by local laws.